Sunday, March 8, 2015

News and Recent Results

New York State Scholastic Championships

Joshua Colas won the High School Championship with a score of 5.5.  In the last round he beat Nicolas Checa.  Joshua and Nicolas frequently play each other Monday or Wednesday night at the club.  With them being the number one and two seeds in the tournament, it comes as no surprise that the High School Championship would come down to the last round match between the two of them.  Nicolas ended out 3rd on tie-break.  Six players finished with five points.

Joshua will be representing New York State this summer in The Denker Tournament of High School Champions in Phoenix during the US Open.  That will be one of a number of tournaments he'll be playing in over the summer.

This week Joshua will be in Chicago playing in his first IM round robin event. Good luck Joshua! We hope you'll get that first IM norm.

Action Quads Results

2/23/15 - Section Winners

Quad 1: Leif Pressman 2.5

Quad 2: Derek Chen & Ethan Gu 2.0

Quad 3: Nicklas Breskin 3.0

3/4/15 - Section Winners

Quad 1: Leif Pressman & Furqan Tanwir 2.0

Quad 2: Derek Chen & Conor Grogan 2.0

Next tournament: Wednesday 3/11/15 

Hopefully Mother Nature will start to be kinder to us.  Thanks to the seven players who braved last Wednesday's slop to come out and play.  It gave me an opportunity to remind myself why I need a longer time control.  :-)

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Tonight's Sections Won By the Letter C.... in Colas, Crump and Camenares.

10 players braved the cold and the possibility of snow to come play chess.  Also a traffic accident on the Bronx River Parkway made for a few late arrivals. Fortunately nobody coming to the club was involved in the traffic accident, and the snow was just a mere dusting. 

The top section was six players with five of them being masters.  Josh Colas and Alexander Crump tied for first with 2.5 each.  Alexander had an impressive evening with a draw against Leif Pressman and wins against Nicolas De Checa and Maximillian Lu.  Josh won against IM Rusa Goletiani and Checa, and drew with Leif.

In section 2 the quad was won by Devin Camenares with a perfect 3-0 score.  Last week Devin ended out being the 6th player in the top section with 5 masters.  I guess it was only fair that he got to be #1 in the quad this week.

Next week we'll be playing on Monday 2/23.  g/25 d5

I will have the March schedule up in a week or so.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Welcome to Bob Peretz Chess Club's Website

It's been awhile since we've had a place where people could get information on when and where we play.  I'm not a web designer, but I do know how to use Blogger.  So until we come up with something better, this is where I'll be posting upcoming tournament schedules and club news.

You will notice under upcoming events I have posted the dates, but not all the tournament formats.  Next Wednesday will be G/25 d5 quads/Swiss. 

I had mentioned in one of my recent emails, the possibility of doing a handicap blitz tournament.  I've had a few inquiries as to what is handicap blitz?  It's a 5 minute tournament, but higher rated player gives time odds based on rating difference. The chart below shows the time odds.

Rating             Time Difference
Difference       Lower rated's time listed 1st
0-49                5 - 5
50-99              6 - 4
100-199          7 - 3
200 - 299        8 - 2
300+               9 - 1

This makes things a little more interesting.  It is not rated.  I will schedule one in the near future.

Tonight there were 10 players in 2 sections.  The top section had 5 masters!  Josh Colas won the section with 2.5 out of 3.  Rusudan Goletiani scored the .5 point against Josh.  Leif Pressman and Nicholas De Checa tied for 2nd with 2 points.

In section 2, Conor Grogan scored a perfect 3 - 0.